Creating vibrant oil paintings and prints

The Artist
Chandna Batra

As a self-taught artist, it has taken years of persistence to perfect my style and I feel the reward is in the journey

My preferred medium is oil as it best suits my painting style. The loose and fluid nature of oils grant me flexibility along with depth of colour and intensity.

Singular, bold colours inspire me, moreover, working with oil paints enables me to create the layers leading to the vibrant shades I adore. They are perfect for blending into a dazzling array of contrasting tones and feel best able to capture the desired drama and emotion to be portrayed.

Over the years I have painted Landscape, Architectural, Figurative and Still life. 

My last exhibition ‘A calling from the Mother Land!’ was inspired by the art and architecture of the Rajput Clan, in particular the women of 12th-20th Century India. It is a path that has led me to explore the essence of Hindu culture of that period and given an appreciation of the artists of the Kings’ courts and their challenges. 

My current body of work, is a series of paintings that depict the Divine Gods/Goddesses also man and nature coexexting. My aim is to create artwork that is vibrant and engages a conversation on our heritage and a constant reminder of man and nature maintaining an equilibrium. 

Enough said; canvas and easel await !… 



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Yes, please get in touch via email or my social channels to discuss bespoke works.

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Original paintings are framed. Prints are provided with a mounting.

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