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18th June - 3rd July, 2022

My 1st Exhibition

The Summer Studio was the perfect venue to host my very 1st exhibition.  Natural light and plush walls created a desirable ambiance for my oils.  The colours looked vibrant against the neutral walls.  

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17 June, 2023

All Saints Exhibition WOS

This year I’m exhibiting from All Saints Church. Apart from the breathtaking venue; I’m showcasing my work alongside 8 other talented artist. Our various genres will come together under the same roof and present an eclectic mix of art.The aim this year is to exhibit my work under 3 categories
1. The Divine As an Indian origin artist I have always been drawn towards our ancient literature and Vedic scriptures. Stories from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata have greatly influenced my artwork. The divine and celestial world of the Gods and Goddesses is a theme of some of my artwork.

2. The Sky, the Earth and Everything In Between The work I have done in this category is some of my favourite pieces. With a palette of Fresh greens, soothing browns, vibrant yellows and deep blues, I aim to depict MAN and NATURE coexisting harmoniously. Juxtaposing the gentle cubism of architectural buildings with undulating lines of surrounding wildlife. My intention was to use form and colour to express the benevolent coming together of the scene. Also, through my work I portray my strong desire for a green earth – where we humans are amidst an abundance of nature and not Vise-versa. The essence of my work also reflects my fondness and nostalgia for my childhood spent in India.

3. Mere Mortals This category is a combination of my commissions and a desire to experiment. I paint whatever takes my fancy at the time. Time, Situation and ambiance; shapes and marks us– We are of course ……Mere Mortals!!  However, there is method in chaos.  So it’s a great way to explore the various new techniques, mediums and overall in letting the creativity flow.

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16th April, 2023 and 1st May 2023

Tachbrook Park Community Centre Exhibition
LSA ArtRoom Leamington Spa Exhibition

Proud to be taking part in Women’s Empowerment Day. 

Lucky to be exhibiting with 100 Local talented artist in the heart of Leamington town centre.

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