Chanderi – The Sky, The Earth And Everything In Between 5


Watercolours and Ink Framed original


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Chanderi – The Sky, The Earth and Everything in Between 5

Chanderi is a town of the Gwalior kings in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.  It is a weaver’s town and famous for its Chanderi fabric, which has derived its name from this town itself.

Chandaries – “A mixed fabric with silk as warps and cotton as weft, woven in multi weft technique”

The  inspiration came from my beautiful orange and gold Chanderi sari. It’s depicting the  Moon reflecting through the sheer fabric one evening!


Custom Maison Antique Frame Watercolours and Ink Original size:  Portrait

470mm x 390mm (Approx)

18 inches x 15 inches (Approx)

Weight 1 kg


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