Purani Delhi – The Sky, The Earth And Everything In Between 3


Watercolours and Ink Framed original


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Purani Delhi 

Purani or Old Delhi, at the banks of the river Yamuna. The old buildings hold the forgotten and aged past of an emerging modern city. Here I have used water colors to create a textural paint surfaces, capturing the crumbling cement and brick walls. 

With a palette of Fresh greens, soothing browns, vibrant yellows and deep blues, I aim to depict MAN and NATURE coexisting harmoniously. Juxtaposing the gentle cubism of architectural buildings, the essence of my work also reflects my fondness and nostalgia for my childhood spent in India. 

Custom Maison Antique Frame Watercolours and Ink Original size:  Portrait

470mm x 390mm (Approx)

18 inches x 15 inches (Approx)

Weight 1 kg


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